I am the wife of a Chef and Mother to two great kids. Years ago we bought a little house in the city that would be for the two of us as doctors said I would never have children. Well, the universe does have a sense of humor and I became pregnant the day we moved into our little fixer upper on a quarter acre. We have been working on our home ever since.

I got all full of myself and thought foolishly that I could have more kids (to avoid the only child thing that both my husband and I deal with) only to find I was once again infertile. We tried for years while working on our little house and raising our daughter. We gave up on hoping to expand our family and began to plan a future for the three of us….the universe found it’s sense of humor again after seven years and poof we have baby number two.

I am a dedicated stay at home mom. A fanatical baker, an obsessed cook, garden grower, and now a keeper of 7 hens and 2 dwarf nigerian goats (whom we adore) and 1 mini lamancha goat who I am head over heels in love with.

We have created a tiny farm in the city. We live a DIY lifestyle. We work hard to learn what we don’t know and love to share what we do know. This blog is a journal of our adventures trying to do as much as we can with our own hands here at home with our kids. Welcome, to our home. This is our life.