Hi everyone!  I have been down for what seems like a year but I think it’s really been a month.  How a person could end up in such shape from a cold I will never understand.  I find my health to be extremely boring so I will be quick about the details…. I am having a final surgery on Wednesday.  The fluid in my head did not resolve so I am having a complete mastoidectomy of the right ear.  That means the surgeons will drill out the infected bone in my scull behind my right ear.  It sounds awful and I would be lying if I didn’t admit I am spooked about it.  The upside is that this surgery ends this insane ear issue.  I am told I should be feeling much much better in one week post surgery!!!!  I am so excited…..I have plans to catch up on all that I have missed just as quickly as possible!

Do you know how hard it’s been to know I have 10lbs of pristine bees wax sitting there waiting for me to hand dip my taper candles?  It’s been torture!!!  I have a whole collection of fats and essential oils Hubby bought for me that I have not turned into homemade soap!  I ordered gorgeous soft white wheat to be ground fresh by me to bake up breads and the container is still sealed!!!  I have had it.  I can’t stand this anymore.  I simply must get back into the game.  This surgery means that I will be able to do exactly that.  So they can drill all they want (within reason).

Please if you would be so kind….keep your fingers crossed that the surgeon doesn’t get distracted by an incoming text message or a hot nurse while using the drill in my head thus turning me into a pin head or leaving me with an odd-shaped head.  That would not be cool at all.  Just a thought.

There. Now health chatter is covered, lets talk about something truly interesting….we have a storage room attached to our house.  You can only access it from a door outside the house but it is attached.  I have not idea why it was built that way but there it is.  The room is about 10×10 I would guess.  I mention it because I have finally talked hubby into converting that space into a work space for little ole me.  I will finally have “studio” space of my very own to work on my non-kitchen related projects.  I will have shelves and drawers filled with all my craft supplies and I am so excited.  He is building me a nice long work space and installing good lighting so I will feel comfortable and happy in my space.  I have always wanted my very own craft space.  He said after watching me suffer for this past month building this space for me would make him happy.  A way to cheer me up.  It really did cheer me up!!!

In other tiny farm chatter….we need a new hen-house.  Currently we have 2 smaller hen houses.  It’s time to build one larger really nice hen-house where I can collect the eggs without standing on my tippy toes to reach them.  This new hen-house will have a full size front door so I will be able to walk in and collect the eggs and fluff up nests….and yell at the few lazy hens that eat all the food but lay only when they feel like it.  I have 2 hens who behave as though they are doing me a huge favor by laying eggs.  I’m convinced they get a smug look but that could be my imagination. I’m not really sure.

Next, Daisy the goat.  Daisy celebrated her birthday!!!!!  Her very first birthday!!!!  I was so happy for her I dragged myself outside just to kiss her on the nose.  Oh how I miss just sitting with the animals.  They seem to miss me too!  They rub against me the entire time I’m out with them to the point where I am falling over from the pressure.  I made them some big promises about the fun we will have to moment I am all better.  They are excited.  Ok, they just check my pockets for treats and eat my hair but I figure they are excited.

I spoke with Daisy’s breeder (who is a delight by the way) and have selected a mate for Ms. Daisy!  I have told everyone that Daisy is ready to “take a lover”!!!!  Yes, they give me odd looks but hey…I’ve been horribly bored and don’t see the harm in creating a little goat drama.  Besides…it’s technically true.  Her heat cycles are being charted (even though this may have to wait till Fall now) so we can get her up to the breeder to meet her one true love.  Look, here is a picture of him….

His name is Orro. He awaits his love Daisy

Well, that’s it for now.  My head is pounding so I had better stop.  I had a ball writing this.  Can’t wait to be back to my 5 days a week schedule. See you soon!



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18 Responses to I’m still here and have been plotting my return….I’m desperate to be back….Oh and Daisy the goat…

  1. Charlotte Moore says:

    How wonderful to hear from you. My husband has ask several times if I had heard any more from you. He has been PRAYING for you too.

    I agree with how in the world did a cold turn so severe??? You really got a bad dose. Now this ear drilling… OUCH!!!!!!

    How has your little ones been making it with mom being sick? Did you have someone helping with your animals?

    We have really thought about you?

    Just keep taking care of yourself as we patiently await your return.

    Oh, I wanted to tell you I did make the whole wheat empanadas and they were good. I also fried a few and baked a few and of course the fried was better.


  2. Norma says:

    Bless you and your families hearts. What a journey! A lover for Daisey? When we first married, I wanted everyone to be married. I tried to marry our two new kittens, sweet ceremony, they hated each other….turned out they were both male…..we were just 45 yrs ahead of our time. Lol.

    Do what the doctors say….we will pray ands and send out positive thoughts. Wish we were close and could bring casseroles, we could do it virtually…..I just don’t know how to post pictures. Lol I am going to have to learn that this year.

    Good to hear from you, we miss you, how is penelope?

    Hugs, Norma

  3. Jo Ann says:

    I’m so glad to hear from you? Another surgery sucks, but if it will let you return to your life, it will be worth it! The studio sounds fabulous and so convenient to the kitchen. Will your husband give you access to it from inside the house? What a good man!

    You have encouraged me to get a garden going this year. I have my planters here that I have to put together with a lighted seed starting shelf. I got slowed down by a stomach virus this week that I’m starting to think may be my gallbladder. :(

    How is Penelope doing? I now have two American Serama pairs in my house. They are so cute and I love the little rooster sounds.

    Glad to hear from you, good surgery and fast recovery! I’ve missed you!!!

  4. Teresa says:

    Your illness is really soooo much like my cousin’s husband Keith- the one who came so close to dying from the infection that got into his brain from that fluid.i am just glad they caught yours in time. He, too, had the mastoidectomy. I remember the worst part of his surgery was the headache it caused and some muscle pain.
    I was just thinking earlier this week that I had not seen an update and really hoped you were better. I was cleaning out my baking cabinet and came across my dark chocolate which made me think I needed to make some brownies.
    Here in SC, a lot of hens stop or slow down laying in the winter due to shorter the days. I would think the same thing would happen in South Florida. You should see them pick up again soon. Maybe a new house will make them really happy.
    I will be praying for you next week.

  5. LUNA says:





  6. Pam says:

    I’m soooo glad to hear that you are doing OK. I hope and pray the surgery will the the end of this saga in your life. Sometimes God sends us these challenges to get our attention and get us to slow down some. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man. You are truly blessed to have him and your little ones. Get well. Take it a little slower. We’ll be here waiting for you.

  7. Karen in OH says:

    Prayers and good thoughts coming your way for a successful surgery and a fast recovery. Have missed your most excellent family and barnyard chatter and fab recipes! But please just mend completely before jumping into your hectic routine!

  8. yolanda says:

    well hello missed you!I know you will be geting better can’t wait.love to hear Ms Daisy is going to make you a grandma soon.ha-ha and what a goodlooking boy he is. love you kid hope to be reading your blog everyday and trying your recipes. I have made the empanadas yum yum!!I told your mother to tell you there for dinner tonight!!loved them so much had to have them again and again take care of your self.and I hope you see you have been loved and missed by everyone!!

  9. Mark says:

    SHE’S ALIVE!!! Good to see that you’re back among us. What a rough time you have had but glad to hear that you’re on the mend, albeit slowly.
    Best wishes to you for a speedy and full recovery after Wednesday. Take care and take it very easy…

  10. gillian says:

    Glad you are so cheerful under these circumstances! I hope your surgery goes well, and that your recovery is speedy and painless. Congrats on the craft room! I can’t wait to see pictures…

  11. Mia says:

    Yay! XOXO

  12. Ellen in Oregon says:

    I am very happy to find you fisty in spirit & still hanging in there. I have been sending recovery vibes your way so you will get well. The 1st time I had surgery that required a drill I was shocked to see it was the same Black & Decker we had in our garage. I guess I expected a very expensive medical device. The surgeon said “Sometimes simple works best”. He was probavly right. Anesthesia is one of the best things ever invented.
    The matching of Daisey & Orro sounds like a victorian novel and I also believe a bit of goat drama is in order. If anyone tells you it is weird, just tell them they lack imagination and see where their mind would be after a month in bed going stir crazy.
    The new studio space is very exciting. Maybe you could take advantage of Hubby’s willingness to build and slip him a note right after surgery asking for a sink to be plummed. OK so I am greedier than you, but it would be handy – wouldn’t it? The hen House sounds it does need improvements. I read an article on Martha Stewarts hen house once & it was so beautiful it looked like a B&B for royal laying hens.
    I have been going back through your recipies to fill the void. I was going to make the eggnog pound cake, but all eggnog was removed from the grocery shelves before New Years for some strange reason. I love eggnog, but it makes me sad that it is not available year round and there is no way to store it long term. I collected a whole cookbooks worth of excellent eggnog recipies and now have no main ingredient. You might suggest that I make my own eggnog and continue on, but I will admit that I am not as committed to baking as you are. You are a food trooper. Nothing stops you from concocting whatever you set your mind on & the results are always fantastic. I admire that in you.
    Keep your spirits up and I know your final surgery will be a success. Soon you will be back doing all the things you are dreaming of. All of your readers are pulling for you to finally get rid of this infection so you can get back to your regular life.

  13. Mich says:

    Oh gosh poor you. You really are having rough ride, I hope that this upcoming surgery sorts out your ear probs once & for all. Take care of yourself.

  14. Charlotte Moore says:

    Thinking of you and your surgery tomorrow. PRAYING all goes well.

  15. Jo Ann says:

    Have been thinking of you and hoping your surgery went well.

  16. Teresa says:

    I realized you have not updated in a month and am starting to get a little worried about you. We may not actually know each other face to face, but I have come to feel as if you are someone I have known for a long time-even if only through cyberspace. I am praying you have just been resting and that were no complications. Looking forward to your next update!

    • Tamatha says:

      I can’t tell you how much your words mean to me. I have been very quiet because I am having a complication from surgery. I have some swelling of the middle ear which is causing me to be extremely dizzy and nauseous. It’s been something of a nightmare for me. I am trying so hard to get back on my feet but the lack of balance causes me to fall over. The good news is my surgeon is really working hard on finding the problem and getting me put back together again. I am so excited to get back to my life. Iv’e missed you all so much!

      THank you so much for caring about me, it makes such a difference. :)

      • Teresa W says:

        Oh, I am so sorry. That feeling is more miserable than any other. I truly pray they find an answer soon. I am sure you just want to forget this winter ever happened and jump into Spring. I am in South Carolina, where Spring sometimes skips and we go straight to Summer, but this winter has been so cold and rainy, I really hope we get a few nice weeks soon. I would love about six or eight weeks, but do not think that will happen. I do have teeny tiny tomato plants that I started from seed this year.
        I look forward to the day when you start feeling like yourself again and can rejoin the land of the living. Praying not only for you, but for your family, too.

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