I am still down with the most aggravating cold.  But, as you know all to well….when you are Mom you don’t get to be sick in peace.  With that I was off early this morning to run the errands that simply couldn’t wait.  Then things just went wrong.  My kids don’t feel great but they seem to still have the energy of 5 people.  They had one of those mornings where while I have virtually no voice they are full of questions…followed by “WHAT”?????  Those two kids asked me to repeat every single thing I said!  They asked me to do that by screaming WHAT????  As if my hearing was gone and not my voice.

Then while at the Fresh Market buying a chicken for dinner (yes, even when sick dinner must be made) my little one pulled my brand new iPhone 5 out of my purse.  I didn’t see her do it as I was paying for my groceries and wishing Merry Christmas to the sales folks that are always so sweet.  So I packed up my mini van with groceries and children and was on my way to the next stop.  It was two stops later that I noticed that my phone was missing.  I almost had a heart attack!  Do you realize how expensive those darn phones are????  How could that happen??  I am so careful and respectful with my things.  I would never just lose my phone!  That’s when my little one said she dropped my phone but didn’t remember where!!!!!  Holy crap!!!  (please excuse that vulgar outburst).

I called Hubby almost in  tears and told him what happened.  We have an app running to keep track of each other with our phones called “find my friends”.  That app said my phone was back at the Fresh market.  Now, please know that I have a fever AGAIN.  I feel just awful.  My little ones nose is running down her face.  I am desperate to go home.  But no, I had to go back to the Fresh Market and search the whole store.  I asked if a phone had been turned in…I re-traced my steps 3 times.  I searched the parking lot….I now needed to search shopping carts.  This was a huge mess.  As I was coughing and sniffling I begged for assistance.  I can only imagine how I looked.  I was just about ready to simply give up when a woman came in from the parking lot and said she heard the phone ringing under her car.  OH MY GOSH!!!!  I was so thankful I couldn’t believe it!  I got the phone back!!!!  Now I was free to crawl back to my car….in a full sweat and finally GO HOME.  Sigh.

Kids.  They are cute so we don’t trade them in for lottery tickets….or cookies.

On a very romantic note, Christmas gifts were lots of fun and we are so thankful for our blessings.  However, my Hubby decided to get on bended knee and propose marriage to me this Christmas even though we have been married for more than 12 years.  He gave me a lovely ring and said we are engaged.  His intention is for us to re-new our vows.  I thought that was terribly sweet. Life can be kind sometimes.  Again, I find myself blessed.  Romance is so much fun….and shiny on my right hand (my left hand is busy with my original rings).  He is sick too…so the kiss was a little yucky….but heartfelt….and yucky.

The recipe shared below comes from a lovely reader who hosted a Christmas dinner a few days early due to family travel plans.  Her menu sounded so good and comforting.  She mentioned her special crock pot potatoes and I had to ask for the recipe.  Please know that the recipe does include some processed food but in her own words…she makes it only once a year and has not made changes to it to replace the processed parts of the recipe (because it’s so seldom made).  I have read the recipe and am confident that the changes would not be difficult, and would be worth the effort.   Even as the recipe is….it sounds like comfort on a plate.  I am so thrilled that JoAnn shared this recipe with us.  I bet it was awfully good served with her Roast Prime Rib. YUM!!!!!

Please welcome JoAnn:

These potatoes are so easy, since I only make them once a year I’ve never changed the recipe even though there are some processed ingredients.

2 packages fresh diced potatoes and onions
1 onion chopped and sautéed in 1 stick of butter
1 package bacon, fried, drained and crumbled
8 oz Velveeta cheese, cubed
1 can Cream of Celery Soup
1 can Cream of Chicken Soup
2 cups Sour Cream

Put everything except the sour cream in the crockpot and cook until potatoes are done. Then stir in the sour cream and let heat through.

If there are leftovers, these potatoes go great with fresh eggs the next morning.

Thank you Soooooo much JoAnn!!!!!!

Hello, it’s me again…

That recipe will convert easily to all homemade ingredients.  I love how easy it sounds yet it sounds like the flavors are huge!!!!  I will make the simple conversions and make this dish!  Actually, I feel just awful and would love a bowl full right this moment!  Good grief…that just sounds so yummy.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday….now let’s  to New Years….

Oh, tomorrow I will share the recipe for the brown sugar and pear pound cake soaked in pear liquor.  I shared photos of it a few days ago.  This cake is just scrumptious and makes lovely gifts.


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8 Responses to A comforting recipe from another cherished reader…JoAnn! Crock pot potatoes with bacon!!!!!! Oh, and a tale of woe…

  1. Alyssa Ozzi says:

    You poor thing. If you need anything, I am only a phone call away and around the corner:) You will be so proud of me, I am going to make ham and bean soup from scratch, even the broth. Feel better

    • Tamatha says:

      :( I am still sick. Hubby is sick too. I am not having any fun. I am extremely proud of you!!!!!! I know cooking is not your very favorite thing to do but you are going at it from scratch. That’s wonderful!!! I hope your pot of soup is comforting and scrumptious. I hope you feel better too

  2. Charlotte Moore says:

    I am so glad you were able to find your new iPhone. Yes, They are expensive I know first hand. That is where my son in Charlotte works, Apple. Thank goodness for that app.

    What a shame you had to be doing errands when you are so sick. Kids seem to be able to go even when they are sick.

    • Tamatha says:

      Does that mean you get better prices on apple products…I hope. Believe me, I was extremely relieved to find the phone. Whew! I don’t have lots of help around for looking after the kids and such…sick or not. So I just grab them and go. Sick or not :( It is challenging but on the other hand I am very self sufficient. :)

      • Charlotte Moore says:

        As far as a discount goes… He gets 15% off any time when he orders online. Once a year he gets a 25% off. So he saves that for something BIG!!! Haha!!!

        • Tamatha says:

          Wow. For years we were anti apple for no reason other than everyone was so pro apple. Well, now everything we have is apple. I will never ever part with my beloved apple products. You love you learn. :)

  3. yolanda says:

    how sweet to re-new your vows and its his idea you must make him very happy.and he you.I am so happy for you. the two of you really work at being in love and the kids help.have a great new year! love ya joli

    • Tamatha says:

      Yup. Hubby is a peach. We have been together for a long while and are still so well together. We are lucky I guess. It was a very sweet surprise. I hope you, Nicole and Mecca have a New Year full of good health, happiness and peace. :)

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