I am still so upset.  I had no idea what happened.   All day while we worked on decorating the house Penelope was just fine!!!  I bought a new bed for her to snuggle up in while she is with me in the kitchen.  She loved her new bed.  I so love having her oinking around the kitchen while I work.  I needed to go and get my kids from school, so I put Penelope back in her house.  She has a new bed in there too so she snuggled right in and was fast asleep before I left.

When I came home I went right in to get Penelope.  It was time to make dinner and she is my side kick after all!  We are training her to go potty outside which she seems to prefer.  So when I put her down on the mulch (her favorite place to potty and root around ) I saw the problem.  She was unable to walk!!!!!!  Both her hind legs were being dragged behind her!!!!!!!  Oh my god !!!!!!  What could have happened to her????  She was fine when I left but now she is trying so hard to pull herself around with her front legs which tired out very quickly and then she was not moving at all!!!!!

I have the vet on speed dial (thankfully) and told them what has happened.  They had a full schedule but fit me in anyway (for an extra fee of course but who cares).  I was back in the car with my sweet little Penelope in under five minutes.  The vet is about 20 minutes from me so I had plenty of time (in rush hour traffic) to think the worst.

When I arrived they came right out and took her from me.  I had not even seen the doctor but I could hear Penelope screaming her head off as they examined her.  They looked after her so quickly!!!!  I was pacing like an expectant father.  It seemed like an eternity but in reality was only about 15 minutes before the Doctor came to speak with me.  By then I (being the drama queen that I am) I had a horrid scenario in my head with huge dollar signs attached to it.  Throw in my usual “why God why???” and that about sums it up.

The Doctor was quick to calm me making sure I knew that Penelope should be just fine (most likely).  She suffered from anemia.  He said she was born with it and it is very common in pigs.  The way is shows itself in pigs is by loss of motion of the back legs.  WHAT?????  Why had I not read that anywhere!!!!!!  Why is my poor pig anemic?  I am feeding her the best food following the instructions to the letter!!!  He said her Mother was anemic from her pregnancy and that was the reason.  He gave her an iron shot (which cause her to scream like she was being attacked by a bear.  He sent us home with 4 more doses of iron to be given by mouth every day for 4 days.

He said that she should be back on her feet by Friday.  Only in extremely rare cases is this loss of leg motion anything other than anemia.  He is not worried.  Whew!  Then he told me I will have to hold up her little butt so she can go potty until she gets her legs back under her.  Uhm….ok.  I have lots of free time in DECEMBER to hold up a pig but every two hours.  Well…too bad because she is my pig.  I will most certainly be found outside holding up a pig but!  That my friends was a yet another sentence I never thought I would say.

By the way, while Penelope was at the Doctor she was weighed.  she weigh 6.6lbs.  I asked if he could help me know that she is in fact a micro mini pig (I have heard horror stories of people who thought they had a micro but it grew to 100lbs.)  I was assured that if she were not a micro she would be double her current weight at her current age.  I guess that’s good.  I was a little worried.

It’s too late.  I love her.  If she were going to be 100lbs I would have to live with it.  There is no way I could send her away.  She is tiny just as she is supposed to be (thank goodness)  A tiny pig dragging her little legs around.  It’s the saddest thing in the world (ok maybe not the world…).

Whew!  What a day!!!  3 weeks into pig keeping and I was already in the emergency room!!!  This place is never boring….EVER.


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20 Responses to Penelope the pig went to the emergency room!!!!!! I am still traumatized!

  1. Teresa says:

    I am glad your little Penelope is going to be okay. How interesting that pigs are usually anemic when born. As for lifting up a pigs tut for two weeks, that reminds me of when my friend and I were cleaning poop off one of our chicken’s butts. I told her that is one thing I had never imagined myself doing!
    Enjoy cooking with your sidekick!

    • Tamatha says:

      I thank you so much! She is still not on her feet but I am told she should start by tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed :)
      Yuck!!! Chicken butts are not “cleaner friendly” I do not envy you on that one :)

  2. Sandra Megaw says:

    Oh Tamatha!

    Your story made me want to laugh & cry at the same time!

    Happy piggy butt lifting!

    btw…I just absolutely love your recipes and make so many of them myself at home

  3. Charlotte Moore says:

    Oh, my, goodness!!! When I read your first words I could not imagine what it was all about. Thank goodness it is no worse tan it is. I know that scared you though. I was shocked first but then could not help but laugh when you were talking about helping Penelope potty. Who would have ever thought????

    Hope your nerves are more settled now. I do hope your sidekick will be alright. Did your children get upset too?

    • Tamatha says:

      Charlotte thank you so much. she still is not walking and it’s so sad :( She drags herself around. I am so worried about her. I give her the medicine the doctor sent home every morning but still nothing. He said to wait until Friday. I really hope this gets better! The kids were worried about her but so happy to see she was able to come home with us. It would have been a real mess had she needed to stay in the hospital. Sigh :(

  4. awww. I agree with you. When you said she couldn’t walk, I too, was imagining the worst. Glad it was “nothing more” than anemia. Hope you both recover quickly.

    December has just started and bless your heart, you’re already sounding so frazzled with all you “have” to do. So….Take some slow, deep breaths,and then go through your “gotta’ do” list and start crossing some of the fluff off of it (and 98% of it IS fluff!). Everyone you know does not need a personalized gift – if they need any gift at all. Every nook and cranny doesn’t need a handmade craft to fill it. Slow down and ENJOY the season by spending TIME with both your animal and people family. They’d rather have YOUR attention than a bunch of “perfect” gifts!

    I know, I sound like you’re mama, but…my 3 are now grown and gone their separate ways. We do get together, but it’s not a daily thing as we live 2 hrs apart from one another. And What do they remember about the holidays? Us spending time together and having fun together. Riding around looking at Christmas lights after attending our First Presidency Christmas Devotional. They remember being given craft supplies and being allowed to create their own crafts and having those crafts displayed. Laughing as we decorated the trees and singing Christmas Carols. What they don’t remember is most of the gifts they received. Funny isn’t it? The thing they most looked forward to is the thing they remember least. Think about it. How many of YOUR Christmas gifts do you remember – even from 2 years ago? Probably a few. But considering how many you’ve been given over the years… How many gifts from neighbors do you remember? Probably, even fewer still (and while it was thoughtful, did it really knock your world out of orbit when, for whatever reason, you no longer got a gift from them?)

    Oh, and my kids also remember the time they spent at my mother’s house where each craft had to be done “just so” and being made to take apart their crafts and redo them because it wasn’t “right”. They remember her being upset with them for not doing things “correctly” because they using their imaginations to decorate things their own way. (hence it not being “right” – which was looking like the adult-made craft in a book). Her impatience (for them to get it done so they could then go onto the next craft on her list) and fussing at them made them cry. And the results were that they didn’t want to do any more crafts with her. Her object was to do something “fun”, but she got all caught up in things being done “right”. Her having too much scheduled and being a perfectionist turn something that should have been fun into tears, resulting in an unhappy memory instead of being remembered as fun with grandma.

    So, please, go have some fun with the kidlets, hubby and animals. Don’t get so exhausted that you miss the quiet, tender moments or are grouchy with family members. I’m telling you, you’re going to blink and they will be adults!

    Most of us wouldn’t be upset if you even posted less here! We love you and enjoy your blog alot. But this time of year is about family. I don’t think anyone would begrudge you for spending time focused on them. (and that cute, kissable little piggy counts as family – you’re her mommy, too! lol)

    Best wishes for a peaceful, happy Christmas season. May nothing break down, no one get sick, may no one need any more Dr. visits and may neighbors and friends not guilt-trip you about not getting something for Christmas!
    Love, Darlene

    • Tamatha says:

      Your words made me smile. I took yesterday off from blogging because of your advice! I sat on the porch with Hubby and the kids instead. It was lovely. We were enjoying the lights we have everywhere!!!!

      You make some excellent points!!! I may print that and put it on my fridge for when I am pushing myself to hard. Thank you so much for caring about me the way you do. It means the world to me.

      As I am writing this to you Penelope the pig is sleeping on my lap. Who knew how much I could love a goat and now a pig!!!! Please keep your fingers crossed for her to get her legs working again. She is dragging herself and it’s so sad :(

      I wish you wonderful happy things for this entire holiday season. Best wishes for an even better New Year. :)

  5. Alyssa Ozzi says:

    You about gave me a heart attack! Give my godpig kisses and nuzzles from me. Who knew pigs were anemic and they respond in such a horrible way. I am glad it is a simple fix and she will be back to her sweet little self soon. So when she is better does she get the other side of your chest next to Coco?????LOL

    Listen to Darlene, she is a very wise women who speaks through experience-not to mention we a similar discussion about a week ago and the store bought snowflakes did not kill you and the kids love them whether they were homemade or not. Sometimes it is ok to cut a few corners. We all love you for you not what you can do, well at least the people who matter:) If you need anything, let me know-I am your partner in poop LOL. I will be at school all week in the morning for testing if you need me to take care of those awesome veggies. Did you ever find out what happened to your hose thingy???? You know I will be calling to check up on my sweetheart, talk to you later.

    • Tamatha says:

      Oh I know!!!! The poor thing! She is sleeping right here on my lap while I am answering my comments. Who knew a pig could really cuddle!!! Darlene is a very wise woman. I agree!

      Those snowflakes did cause a little guilt but just a little. What would I do without you? Thank you Alyssa.

  6. Elaine says:

    LOVE the Exotic Pet Vet! So glad Penelope is going to be ok. xx E

  7. yolanda says:

    no not the pig she is still a baby! but I am happy the doctor knew what to do.who knew that pigs can have anemic? someone should have told you her mother had it this way you could have had her to the docter from day one.happy Penelope will be fine. but you on the other hand not sure.ha ha love ya

    • Tamatha says:

      Oh I know!!! It’s just awful!!! I was scared to death…the Doctor says she should be getting better by tomorrow. I have high hopes. I was really so worried :(

  8. Jo Ann says:

    You scared me with this post and then had me laughing at your pig butt lifting escapade. Hope little Penelope is better this morning after her iron injection. Who would have thought not being able to walk would have been anemia?????

    • Tamatha says:

      Im sorry about that. It really was so scary…she suddenly could not walk!!!! The poor thing just collapsed. Oh my gosh I really was scared to death. I hit traffic the whole way to the vet just to make it worse. She still is not walking. I am just hating this. I miss watching her explore. :(

  9. Angela says:

    You always know how to get my heart pounding with your animal stories! LOL Holy crap I was laughing and crying all at the same time.

    Ever since you told us she was a mini, I’ve been thinking of getting one. They’re just so expensive from what we’ve seen. Simone is allergic to dogs, and a little mini might be something up her ally. :)

    I hope Penelope is feeling a little better now. I was cracking up when you talked about holding her butt up and not having anything better to do with Christmas coming. Classic.

    • Tamatha says:

      Me too!!!! I was a wreck until the doctor explained the potty thing. Then I just burst out laughing. Worse yet….I have been holding up her butt for 2 days!!! I feel ridiculous. She doesn’t even appreciate it!!!! These pigs are really expensive but I will tell you if it help thats we are in love with her!

      She is sleeping on my lap right now and I can’t stop petting her. She has no smell (well…her poop….) She sheds no hair. She is very sweet and gentle with the kids. Simone would really have a good time with one of these. Just watch the iron!!!!! :) LOL

  10. yolanda says:

    just wanted to say thank you to Dalene that hit home something to really think about.I loved everything you said and come to think about it your so right!

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