I am going to admit something…I drive a mini-van.  I always swore I would never drive a mini-van.  I had some illusion that I was at least to some degree cool and would never be caught dead in a mini-van.  I believed completely that to give up the cool sporty cars and go all in for a mini-van would mean then end for cool young me.

I was right but not in the way I thought.  Yes, I can stand proud and say out loud that yes I own a Mini-van.  Worse than that….I love it.  I mean LOVE!!!!  My van functions as an extension of my house…it’s my mobile happy place.  I load kids, goats, hay, plants, soil, compost, tiny pigs and once I wash it… me and 7 other people quite comfortably.  I now realize I could never live without my mini-van.  Why am I telling you this?  Because my beloved snazzy red mini-van was in the shop for a full 24 hours and I was about ready to scream. I spent 1 day using my husband’s car and that was all I could take!  He has a sporty sedan type car that is way too low to the ground and no real useable trunk.  I hate that car.  My van could and perhaps should eat his car.

I got my van back and all was once again right with the world.  Whew!  To prove my love for my van I went right away and bought a whole bunch of plants for the garden.  Then we went and picked up the last 2 rocking chairs for the front porch project.  Could any of that been done is something cool and sporty? NO.  So there…mini-van cool?  Oh, you bet!!!!  It’s even red, did I mention it’s red?

All of the garden beds are now ready for planting.  Many of the pots are planted.  Still a ways to go but getting better by the day.  I now am able to walk the garden with coffee in the morning…my favorite thing to do. Sigh.  I have waited so long to be back out there!  However, I have one small problem….

I created a monster!  Coco the hen (the one that was so badly injured she was near death a few months ago)  has decided she no longer belongs in with the other hens in the barnyard!  It was one thing when she started jumping on my shoulders every day to hitch a ride.  That was cute.  Ok, so my back is horribly scratched up from her trying to hold on but still….cute.  Now, she has taken her “special” chicken status to a whole new place!  She jumps over the barnyard fence every single morning and waits for me at the back door.

There I was trying to get my Mother-in-law to see the beauty and sweet calm of this urban farm life (she is not a fan) and as I was telling her how well in hand I have the whole thing Coco walks by the back door to the orchid room.  Then to be sure I look like have no control over my well orchestrated city-farm life Coco jumped up on the sofa (the out-door kind) and settled down to wait for her breakfast.  Needless to say….I had not made my case. Sigh.

In case you are wondering, I tell my Mother-in-law when I mention her here.  She loves me so she humors me.  This farm life is making her crazy.  She looks at the goats and the chickens (especially Coco) with a little bit of a frowny face then comes inside to find a tiny pig walking by and well…need I say more?   When she explains our farm to her friends it sounds as crazy as she thinks it is.  It truly makes me laugh.  To her credit, she is a good sport about the whole thing.  I am thankful…and amused.

Did you know when a tiny pig drinks her milk (formula)…. pee shoots right out the back at the same time?  My Mother-in-law knows now.  Did you know when Daisy goes into heat she calls for a would be lover all morning?  My Mother-in-law knows now.  Did you know when you save a chickens life they become fixated on you forever?  Yup, you guessed it….my Mother-in-law knows now.

Top all that off with the huge veggie garden…the preparing for bees…the homemade everything (she is used to that), and my constantly being busy and you have the makings for that look on her face.  She has been trying to convince me this is all just a phase.  I told her we’ve had this farm for years but she responds with “yes you have but any minute you will lose interest”.  Sigh.  I don’t think she realizes how dedicated to this life I am.

Can you just imagine the look on her face next year when I’m out in the yard harvesting honey from my beehive?  You must realize that she once locked me and my baby out of the house because a lizard scared her by just sitting there.  Granted, it was a large lizard.  This is south Florida…we have tons of lizards.  It was a huge bright green iguana.  We saw it at the same time and that was it…she ran into the house and slammed the glass door, locked it and held it shut with me and the baby out with the giant lizard!!!!  I laughed so hard I almost fell over.  She scared the crap out of the poor lizard.  I bet he would have slammed the door on her if he could have! LOL.

Me outside in a white beekeepers outfit scraping the wax off the comb to release the honey will be just about as much as she can take.  She is so much fun and doesn’t even mean to be!  We so love it when she comes to stay with us.  Free laughs all day.

A few shots from around the farm…

It’s fun here…weird but really fun…honest!


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16 Responses to Some people just don’t get urban farming….we love them anyway.

  1. Ali says:

    LOVE the rocking chairs! Love them. Winter break….Is it a date? maybe post the first of the year since there is a weird school break. Love to see you, the farm, the kids, coco, the pig and who ever else i missed. Oh, yes and Daisy.

  2. Charlotte Moore says:

    How pretty your new porch and rockers look. I know you are proud or them.

    So funny just thinking of the amusement your mother-in-law is having. Hehehe!!! Your stories are so interesting to say the least.

    Your garden looks like here in July. How nice to have that in almost December.

    • Tamatha says:

      I love our new front porch!! We sit there every chance we get even if only for a few moments. We got the rockers from Cracker Barrel (restaurant). I know thats a strange place to get rockers but we love them :). My Mother-in-law may be softening up with regard to Penelope (I saw her smiling at her). :)

  3. Julie says:

    We have a lovely old pickup truck with vanity plates that say BILNJUL! There’s nothing quite as wonderful as driving a mini van or a pickup! It puts you head and shoulders above all the sporty little cars that are very hard to get in and out of!

    Love the rockers!

  4. Joy Luster says:

    God, how I eveny you, I’ve had my time tho. Had rabbits(for food), chickens, and the gardening, raising our Veggies and fruit. Love the little piggie, We only have 2 sml rescue dogs now. We are old. 88 (poor health) and 81. Thank you for all the work you do and I love your recpies and website. So lucky I stumbled on it one day. Thank you

    • Tamatha says:

      Your comment made my day, it really did. I am so honored that you, a person who has done so much and seen so many interesting things find anything I do interesting. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. :)

  5. yolanda says:

    I just love it all!!! looks like so much fun! I will make it to see you one day don’t know when but hope its sooner the later.

  6. Vickie Noble says:

    I look forward to your new posts. Love the recipes and the day to day happenings in you life. Many years ago I watched a show on PBS called Good Neighbors. If you have a chance to see any of the episodes, do. It’s about a couple in London who turn their home into a farm.

  7. Laurie says:

    I am right there with you on the love-hate relationship with the minivan. I was at a stoplight and there was a van in front of me with a bumper sticker that said, “I used to be cool.”. I still laugh when I think about it. I have to get one of those for my van!

  8. Bobbi says:

    What a funny post! I love it. I can just picture everything you talk about. lololol. Love everything about your blog, so thanks!

  9. Amber says:

    You have given me hope. I have a garden, 6 chickens, and 3 rabbits in my backyard, but we may be moving from Tennessee to South Florida soon. To know that I could still have my hobby farm down there and even add goats would make me immensely happy.

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